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Changing the way we consult

When we think of the aesthetic period we are in, Dr Tapan likens this to the renaissance, a ‘rebirth’ of aesthetic medicine. Instead of filling holes and chasing lines, as was the older approach, as a medical consultant, we now think more about how and what we do, to deliver our best results. Aesthetics is now recognised as a journey. Because of this, there have been improvements in products, a deeper understanding of anatomy and a better insight into the consumer desires.

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The Patient Journey

When we delve deeper into the desires of a patient, it is not so much that they want to look younger, but instead they just want to look better; a better version of themselves. Now we know what our patients are looking for, we can deliver it. Ultimately, the patient journey is divided into 3 sections: consultation, assessment and treatment.

Medical Consultant: Patient Expectation

Traditionally, the approach to the patient journey was about delivering what the patient wanted. By being patient driven, only one concern would have been dealt with, and patients would be left disappointed with results. Procedures became the same and injectors were interchangeable. The experience was devalued and a medical consultant became a commodity. This is the opposite of how we should be running our clinics. Patients were given no reason to stick with their practitioners as there was no differentiator – everything was based on price.

The new approach to aesthetics is now about respecting the expertise of your practitioners and respecting your patients needs. By being practitioner driven, a full face approach is taken, delivering maximum impact and harmonious results. Patients are now educated on the power of listening to experts and discussing their ultimate goal, meaning results meet or exceed the patients expectations, the injector skill and expertise is recognised and the patients returns and recommends to others.

There has never been a better time to fine tune your craft as an aesthetic medical consultant. Not only are you, and your skills, being better appreciated, but you are delivering better results for your patients.

Advance your skill

For more tips on how to advance your skills and how to improve your consultation skills, book on to one of our mentoring days to shadow Dr Tapan, not only to see live close-up treatments but also firsthand how to run a clinic.

Head to our courses page to see what else is on offer or contact us by emailing info@phicollege.com.

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