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Dr Tapan has over 19 years of clinical experience and has been performing aesthetic treatments for 15 years. Within that time, he has lectured on nearly every continent of the globe as an Allergan Global Key Opinion Leader and an inaugural member of the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI). He has been instrumental in the development of UK based and international medical professionals moving into aesthetics.

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It is with this in mind that Dr Tapan is considered a true expert in the field of aesthetic medicine and has brought his knowledge and experience to us here at PHI College as medical director. He leads a team of the best medical professionals with at least 7 years experience in running their own practices to guide you through your learning journey. His approach to aesthetic medicine combines science and art to produce the best results for his patients.

He is passionate about standards in medical aesthetics and is a longstanding member of the BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine). He ensures that along with day-to-day clinic work he also attends as many conferences and meetings as possible. Despite finishing Postgraduate Medical training over a decade ago, Dr Tapan still participates in active learning. He has completed his BTEC in Light and Laser Therapies and has both a diploma in Clinical Dermatology and Masters in Cosmetic Medicine.

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Not only has Dr Tapan Patel been a leading figure in aesthetic medicine for more than nineteen years, but he has also owned and led two highly successful cosmetic clinics in London. His knowledge and strong medical background resonate in his mannerism and bedside etiquette, providing professional treatment and instantaneously reassuring patients with his approachable nature. Dr Patel treats a wide range of patients at the award winning PHI Clinic and is also recognised as a top international lecturer. Collaborating with expert, trusted companies, he trains and teaches delegates and colleagues on dermal filler, Botox, laser treatments, and also gives talks at PHI College and conferences.

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PHI College welcomes doctors, dentists, registered nurses and surgeons to train in the heart of Harley Street.

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As well as his private work, Dr Patel also engages in charitable causes and has been a core part in the treatment of several burns, acid burns and scar patients through the Katie Piper Foundation.

Operating on a pro bono basis, Dr Tapan has improved the lives of many who have fallen victim to attacks and incidents or have serious birth defects, improving not only their aesthetic makeup but also basic bodily functions such as breathing and movement. Dr Tapan Patel’s mantra is that in order to stay at the forefront of one’s field, one must continually research new advancements, learn from one’s colleagues and peers, and be open to pioneering technology. PHI Clinic in the UK encapsulates this goal.

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