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Providing insight into first-time patients who are nervous, sceptical or embarrassed about treatment is essential to the success of your clinic and the satisfaction of your patients. The Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire (AIQ) or medical questionnaire aims to identify aesthetic needs, treatment goals and patient concerns, improving satisfaction for you and your patient.

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What is an AIQ?

The Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire is a form given to your patients prior to consultation, to complete in the waiting room. It does not have to be a complex medical questionnaire and instead should be simple. You can construct your own and make it bespoke to your clinic. The form will consist of a list of sections of different problem areas, such as eyes, cheeks, mouth and underneath will give options of the problem, such as eye bags, sagging skin, and thin lips. The patient will simply tick the boxes of things that relate to their needs or concerns.

The idea of the form is that it combats the risk of offending the patient and offering them treatment for something they hadn’t considered an issue before consultation. But it has to be put in terms that are easy for patients to understand. So stay away from using medical jargon such as nasolabial folds, and make it more accessible to the patient by using frown lines instead. The answers provided will inform the style and focus of the consultation.

Why use a medical questionnaire?

Simply put, the importance of the medical questionnaire is not the form itself, but instead how you give the form to the patient. By giving the patient the option to discuss anything else, it tells them that they are getting better value for money and that we are interested in giving them the best evaluation. On average, a patient will tick 2-3 boxes, but they were only coming in for one issue. Therefore, your treatments have increased by 350% and you don’t have to worry about offending the patient.

By addressing additional concerns, there will be a greater impact for you and your patient. Remember, your treatment plan isn’t rigid – it’s flexible, so chop and change according to the needs of your patient. Not only is there improved satisfaction and increased motivation on your end, but by addressing the whole face, your patient sees they are being given more time and interest and will therefore receive better results.

Consultation techniques at PHI College

If you’re looking to better your consultation skills or some advice on how to implement the aesthetic interest medical questionnaire, book into one of our tailored mentoring days where you will shadow Dr Tapan. You will cover everything from consultation techniques to top-up appointments, with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the day.

To find out more, contact us by filling in our contact form and one of our delegate liaison managers will get in touch at your convenience.

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