What Lip Filler Aftercare Should I Provide?

You may have completed your lip filler training, but have you stopped to think about the journey you will be taking with each of your patients? When practicing lip treatment, it’s easy to run with the techniques and safety procedures in place, but it’s important to ensure that lip filler aftercare is not neglected as a result of this.

Read more on the importance of providing thorough lip filler aftercare to not only benefit your patient journey but also positively impact patient-clinician relations.

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When should lip filler aftercare start?

Whilst aftercare doesn’t begin for patients until after the procedure, it is important for practitioners to provide information from the get go. Upon consultation, aftercare plays a pivotal role in informing patients of the next steps they must take in order to grasp the full benefits from treatment and to avoid any potential adverse events.

Not only does this benefit the patient journey, but it will also build a bond between practitioner and patient. According to the Health and Social Care Act (2008), once patients have signed consent for treatment, duty of care is left in the hands of injectors to not only ensure the best possible results for patients, but to guarantee consistent results abiding by safety regulations.

Providing comprehensive lip filler aftercare develops that level of trust with your patient further by showing a high level of care once they have had treatment, which can debunk the idea of practitioners providing treatment purely for profit.

Results reflect upon the practitioner, but the level of service shows your patient how invested you are in providing the best care for your patients, who will most likely return from consultation for treatment.

How can I improve my lip filler aftercare?

Whilst lip filler aftercare is generally the same for all patients, there are many ways to differentiate your care for your patients.

A pivotal point during practice is to ensure aftercare information is translated to patients with the appropriate next steps mapped out for them to understand once they have left your chair.
Within your consultations, just like how you would discuss treatment with your patient, it is important to communicate not only the treatment plan but the actual product that will be injected into the lips. By educating your patient on what has now been injected into their body, this ensures the right level of care is taken by the patient to prevent any side effects or post treatment complications from happening due to the lack of aftercare.

You can provide treatment information and aftercare in two ways; as a physical pack/leaflet, or digitally, via email. Some clinics prefer providing digital copies, which cannot be lost and are easily provided to patients, but your approach may vary depending on the demographic of clients you see in your clinic or practice.

Training opportunity

You should always view aftercare as an evolving document; something that will change as you grow and can be added to and amended as needed. If you’re interested in learning more about lip filler aftercare, or aftercare in general, you can do so on any course at PHI College; every training opportunity with us can be tailored to your needs and preferences for learning.

Book your course now by heading to our courses page, and get in touch via our contact form to find out more.

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