Mentoring Days at PHI College

What is a mentor?

A mentor, as someone who offers guidance, influence and knowledge, can help you on your aesthetic journey. Experience in a range of environments is vital for any practitioner on their journey of professional development. Mentoring provides an important training opportunity for clinicians in the aesthetic industry and is suitable for practitioners of all abilities.

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Benefits of mentoring

Mentoring provides an excellent opportunity to learn from other clinicians, with each practitioner offering their own unique benefits for your learning. This can include attending practical training courses, conferences, lectures, theory courses, online resources, and of course mentoring.

As a remarkable opportunity to develop a professional relationship with a doctor, shadowing an established practitioner offers the opportunity to learn in a working clinic environment, with real clients. As well as picking up tricks and tips to do with treating a variety of patients and indications, shadowing provides a unique insight into clinic management and successful consultation techniques that can only be learned by spending time with a practiced professional.

How to find a mentor

Dr Tapan offers mentoring opportunities within his successful Harley Street practice, where delegates are welcomed to join the doctor for a day at PHI College, located at 102 Harley Street, within the premises of Dr Tapan Patel’s practise PHI Clinic. The facility itself consists of a lecture theatre and a state-of-the-art training room where practical sessions can be performed.

Mentoring days at PHI College

This type of experience gives delegates the chance not just to see live treatments in an up-close setting, but also to witness first-hand how a clinic is run, with the ability to ask any question throughout the day as they arise. Unlike practical training courses, mentoring days offer a wider variety of patients and appointment types, so one day of experience can include everything from initial consultation through to follow up and top up appointments, with clients of varying demographics. During this day, you will see between 8 and 15 of his patients, as well as having the opportunity to treat your own patient under his supervision.

Dr Jake Sloane recently shadowed Dr Tapan, and offered this testimonial:
“I’m hugely grateful to Dr Tapan Patel who gave up his valuable time today to discuss all manner of injectables with me. Tapan has acted as a mentor to me for many years and his insights into refining my technique and approach to my craft are hugely appreciated.”

To enquire about booking a mentoring opportunity with Dr Tapan go to our mentoring page or contact us here.

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Videos With E-Mastr

All attendees receive an exclusive discount on introductory eMASTR subscription following completion of the course, which uses eMASTR resources to supplement theoretical learning. www.e-mastr.com

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With an extensive range of videos from step by step treatments to practice matters, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need there.

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