Developing your Brand Strategy

Building your Brand

Starting out in aesthetics is scary. It’s hard to see where you will fit in the overall picture of medical aesthetics. But this picture is getting bigger and more seamless every day, so it’s a very exciting time to be going into the field. With the increasing amount of technology being used with devices becoming increasingly more efficient and effective, how to teach, network and communicate, is ever-changing.

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Invest in yourself

One of the many advantages of working aesthetics is working independently. By developing yourself as your own clinician and developing your brand strategy, you can take charge of your own journey, and your own growth. By attending workshops on techniques and how to improve your consultation skills, you can set yourself high standards and immediately raise expectations of improvements. So when you invest in your training, you are investing in yourself.

Dr Tapan Patel sets out a 3-step process to help develop yourself and your brand:


Dr Tapan follows the phrase ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’. By putting that into every element of what he does, he never compromises on the quality of products and the service he delivers. So when you attend workshops, which he advises to do throughout the remainder of your career, Dr Tapan recommends to plan beforehand, writing lists of learning objectives and to ask yourself how you will translate that learning into your clinic, so you are always preparing for the next patient experience.


In order to standardise techniques, we need to reproduce and share methods. These skills are best learnt in a live workshop setting, whilst books and courses allow you to learn in your own time, and to go over what you have already learnt in these sessions. While there isn’t a set correct way to do any of these techniques, you can find what works best for you, and stick to it. Dr Tapan’s variation on the law of insanity – ‘Patel’s Twist’- is that it’s insane to do things differently and expect the same result, so try to follow the same path every time you treat a patient. By trying to be better every session, this is when you can truly improve.


As aesthetics advance, we should adapt alongside them. Whether it’s embracing technology, legislation, or mindset, adapting is how you grow as a practitioner, and how you develop your brand strategy.

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Attend a PHI college training day led by Dr Tapan Patel and his team by booking yourself a place on one of our courses. Head to our courses page or get in contact via our social media!

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